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Fatal Error
F. Paul Wilson
Tor, Oct 12 2010, $25.99, ISBN: 9780765322821
reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Repairman Jack feels like he is caught in some sort of cosmic middle between the Ally and the Otherness while also fearing that the Septimus Order united with the Kickers to kill the Lady in order enable the evil Otherness to enter earth reality. However, even as he resents being the bodyguard of the lady, Jack is caught in a local scenario when a desperate Munir Habib pleads with the mercenary to save his family.

The Septimus Order and their nefarious allies plan to shut down the Internet. Mr. Osala quietly encourages these cult terrorists to do so while he also prepares a newborn infected by the Otherness that he had abducted from Dawn Pickering, the babyís stunned mother to bring his prime adversary, Jack, to his knees.

The latest Repairman Jack thriller is a great refreshing entry in what consistently has been one of the best sagas over the past two decades (ancient history of Reagan was in the White House when he first appears). The story line is fast-paced and filled with twists as several of the mercenary adversaries seem to have united with a common cause that starts with his death. However though they have battled before and this is his penultimate tale, they still donít know Jack.

Editor's Note: Ever since I read THE KEEP all those years ago, F. Paul Wilson has continued to keep my interest up and maintain a high standard of writing and enjoyment. Repairman Jack is a character I never tire of. This is another terrific adventure.

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