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The Demon Trapper's Daughter
Jana Oliver
St Martinís Griffin, $9.99, 352 Pages, ISBN: 9780312614782
reviewed by Barry Hunter

If this is your first introduction to Jana Oliver, prepare to have your socks knocked off. If you are familiar with Janaís previous work, prepare to have your socks knocked off. While this is marketed as a YA title, it is a great read for everyone. No matter what her topic is, Jana creates outstanding characters and makes them live and breathe. They become like friends and family and you really care for them.

This time out itís Riley Blackthorne, a seventeen year old apprentice demon trapper living in the demon filled Atlanta of 2018. The economy has constantly gotten worse and Lucifer has increased his minions on Earth and it is up to Trappers Guild to eliminate them. Demons are ranked from one to five and come in all shapes, sizes and talents. Riley is apprenticed to her father and is dealing mostly with the small devils

As the book opens, Riley is after a biblio-demon in the library, when a problem arises and she goes before the Guild. Things go downhill from there. Her father is killed by a five and Beck, his other apprentice is injured.

Other problems come to pass as the demons appear to be working together, Holy Water is not working, and the demons all know Rileyís name. Riley must protect her fatherís body from the Necros, go to school, fall in love and learn everything she can about her craft while facing obstacles at every turn.

This is a tremendous novel. It is also a memorable novel that should spawn a number of sequels. There are some books that stay with you and you always remember the first time you discovered them; THE DEMON TRAPPERíS DAUGHTER is one of those novels. It reminds me of the first time I read TWILIGHT and Jana Oliver should make demons the next big thing.

Editor's Note: Jim wanted me to add "even a 62 year old retiree can enjoy this rousing, magnificent young adult novel and is ready to read the next one."

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